Llara Pulver

Say Hello To Sherlock's Irene Adler

Former Robin Hood and season 10 of Spooks star Lara Pulver will be playing Irene Adler in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss second series of Sherlock. For those that don't know Irene Adler is one of the few that have outwitted Sherlock Holmes. You can read the tale in A Scandal in Bohemia or if you prefer you can watch the Jeremy Brett version on DVD.

Lara Pulver was featured in the 17 May 2009 issue of the Sunday Express "S magazine" where they took a look in her closet. Here are my scans:

Lara Pulver in Sunday Express "S magazine"

Lara Pulver in True Blood

A number of sites including digitalspy.co.uk are reporting the news that Lara Pulver will play the recurring role of Sookie’s fairy godmother Claudine in the third series of True Blood.

This is of interest to me as I became a big fan of Lara when she turned up in the third series of the BBC's Robin Hood this time last year playing Gisborne's sister Isabella.

I've not seen much of True Blood beyond the first couple of episodes, but I guess I'll be making an effort!

Today is "new TV listings mag day" and I was hoping that the Radio Times would have a nice Lara Pulver article for me ahead of Spooks returning on Saturday.

However while the Radio Times and most other mags do have some Spooks content there is very little Lara-specific stuff going on.

Fortunately Total TV Guide (somewhere between the TV Times and Whats On TV in terms of quality) does provide us with a nice full-page photo of Lara looking very lovely indeed...

Lara Pulver Spooks article in Total TV Guide

It would appear that she spends the episode in an evening dress running around with a gun. I can only assume there is yet another embassy siege with her colleagues being held hostage. Sounds good to me.

It is worth noting that all the TV guides are presently having a collective swoon of excitement with the return of Downton Abbey. The TV Times has even produced alternate Downton Abbey covers to collect and be passed on to future generations. The Radio Times has a foldy-out cover to fit in bigger picture of the stars, no doubt worth framing and hanging in the living room.

All well and good, but Spooks and Downton are on at the same time on Sunday. And my DVD Recorder has packed in. I may resort to recording on on good old VHS. Remember that?

Lara Pulver in the london paper

I found an interview with Lara Pulver on 'the london paper' website tonight. It's not a new one, rather its dated 23 April so it must have coincided with her first episode of Robin Hood.

One bit of news is that her first movie will be Roundheads and Cavaliers which is described as "an ensemble about four couples".